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Farm and crude oil tanks

We offer farm tank oil depot or storage tank facilities

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ offers its customers a wide selection of farm tanks in Russia and Rotterdam from one thousand litres to mobile fuel module with full equipment, which can be leased. Costs are calculated individually on the basis of technical specifications and customer requirements.

Types of Tanks

In order to efficiently and according to the rules store any amount of petroleum products and other liquids, such as chemicals, make use of vertical steel tanks. It is the most convenient, practical and inexpensive way to store. Vertical Tanks are constructed with the inability to build a horizontal reservoir in a tank farm. The maximum amount of horizontal tanks rarely exceeds 100 m³ with standard solutions for horizontal steel tanks, reach values of 50 000m ³.

Farm Tanks

Types of Tanks

Production of containers for fuel and lubricants – We are ready to completely fulfill all tasks from design to delivery of the tanks to desire destination. Our company employs a modernized production provides continually improve the quality of our products and reduce the final price.

All our tanks for petroleum products have the necessary certificates and permits, they meet the standards of environmental and fire safety. When purchasing tanks you get along with all sets of documents. Also on the capacity for fuels and lubricants may additionally set fire attachments and measuring equipment.

Capacities made of steel grades and 09G2C St3sp5 without internal coating or applying technology will depend on what kind of product to be stored, and the climatic conditions in which the installation will be carried out. Containers made of these steels are suitable for storage of gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil. Reservoirs of technical stainless steel (AISI 304,32) made for storage of aviation fuel and kerosene.

Customers buying from us when tanks and get HMS warranty servicing capacities. Oil storage tank approximate lifetime – more than 25 years from the date of manufacture.

Tank Farm Leasing

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ offer’s farm tanks oil depot or storage tank facilities for rent and lease for long term or short term in Russia at the major commercial sea port as Vladivostok,  Novorossiysk, Kozmino, Nakhodka and Panino for crude oil storage and finished refined product ready for export or supply.

Tank Farm Leasing in Rotterdam

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ offer’s farm tanks oil depot or storage tank facilities for rent and lease for long term or short term in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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