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PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ mini chemical plant is privately owned and was incorporated in 2006 and specializes in crude oil refining, productions/supply and sales of petroleum and petroleum products in the south region of Russia in accordance of Russian Commercial code of conduct and the applicable laws of Russia Federation.

Thanks to the coordinated team of experienced staffs over the years and experts in the field of petroleum and supply of petroleum products, PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ earned the trust of customers and reputation of a reliable partner, and always meet its obligations

Among our regular customers not only aviation companies and gas stations that buy fuel from PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ, but also enterprises of agricultural sector, energy utilities and construction companies. All of them in a commercial agreement for a long time using our services.

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ basic principles requires constant hard work, but at the same time allows to achieve the main objective – quality customer service, affordable crude oil prices and reliability of fuel supply.

We believe these factors are crucial for our business expansion of the company and meet the demand of our customers in the oil industry under difficult economic situation.

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ supplies wholesale diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, fuel oil and other petroleum products with a wide range of services related to delivering fuel directly for the needs of enterprises, construction companies, gas stations, aviation companies, re-sellers and industrial premises.

PJSC SAKHAVOSTOKNEFTEGAZ are one of the fastest growing crude oil refinery in Russia with the sales of bitumen, M100, Diesel Gas, Jet Fuel and other petroleum chemical product.


2009:  Installation of additional custom built modules units to increase its refining productions

2010:  The company operates a quality management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9000. From June 2010 – Quality Management System is based on the process approach quality management.

2011: Conducted a technical upgrading of primary oil processing ЭЛОУ-АВТ-2

2011 – 2012:  Installation of “Isomalk-2” technology gave the company the opportunity to organize the production of high grade fuels 4.

2013: Installation on allocation of total xylenes introduced into operation extractive distillation process aromatics for the purpose of obtaining commercial benzene purity of at least 99.9% of the benzene fraction of 62-85 º C.

2014: Launched official website for global reach.

–         Maintenance of Desalter Processing unit which removes such compounds as calcium, sodium and magnesium chlorides from Crude Oil.

–         The modernization of the production unit of elemental sulfur, allowing an increase in the overall degree of conversion to 96%.

2015: installations of additional modules units which refines crude oil from 10, 760 to 77,650 per day additional 1,650 added to previous number.

2016: Maintenance of refinery modules units, which increases its performances

– Desalter processing units maintenance.



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Customer satisfaction

Our success depends on transaction success of the customers we do business with.



No successful transaction without trust. You will have to confide on us that we are giving our best to execute a transaction, and we also trust that you will do the same.


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From safety to the environment to ethical business conduct, we do value integrity above all.




This is our dedicated team that put in much efforts of work in which makes us one of the fastest growing private chemical plant in Russia Federation.


  • "Excellent administration keep the great work up! "
    Kyung Yoon Kim
  • " I have been in the petroleum market for 5 years and counting, but i have not seen a good performer such as sakhavostokneftegaz. at first we were skeptic because of our past experience but we simply just adhere to their terms and conditions and currently we at the 9th shipment delivery as agreed on the contract terms "
    Juan Sánchez
  • "5 stars rated professionals"
    Douglas Roland
  • "I have tried to purchased Diesel Gas Oil from many sellers/brokers/agencies only to be highly disappointed with the outcome, thankfully after all the time wasted i found Sakavostokneftegaz unbelievable trustworthy to transact business with, if you think of doing business with Sakavostokneftegaz i’d definitely recommend it.”
    Mrs Claire Wilson