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Productions & Specifications


Liquefied anhydrous ammonia. Specifications (GOST 6221-90)


Gasoline automobile brand “Normal-80” (GOST 51105-97)

Gasoline automobile brand “REGULAR 92” (GOST 51105-97)

Gasoline brand “Premium Euro-95” (GOST R 51866-2002)

Gasoline brand “Super Euro-98” (GOST R 51866-2002)

Gasoline for industrial purposes (STO 05766480-006-2010)

Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel (GOST 305-82)

Petrol (STO 05766480-010-2011)

Diesel fuel with additives (STO 05766480-009-2011)

Diesel fuel cleaner (TU 38.1011348-2003)

Diesel EURO (GOST R 52368-2005)

Vacuum gas oil (TU 38.1011304-2004)


Fuel for aviation gas turbine engines JET A-1 (JET A-1) (GOST R 52050-2006)

Jet fuel (GOST 10227-86)

Mazut Oil

Fuel oil (GOST 10585-99)

Process fuel export (TU 38.001361-99)


Bitumen insulation (GOST 9812-74)

Bitumen for roads improved from the West Siberian oil (TU 0256-096-00151807-97)

Bitumen for the production of roofing and waterproofing materials (TU 0256-017-05766480-2003)

Bitumen Construction (GOST 6617-76)

Technical Sulfur

Technical sulfur (GOST 127.1-93)

Technical sulfur gas granular. Specifications (STO 05766480-008-2011)

Commodity Xylenes

Paraxylene (TU 38.101255-87)

Ortho (TU 38 101254-72)