Quality control


Laboratory and analysis center

The refinery state-of-the-art in-house laboratory gives the company edge in the petroluem industry, with in-depth research, rigorously testing all new developments and creation of high quality petroleum products, while reducing emissions and impact to the environment.

The refinery’s certified laboratory, are responsible in handling and monitoring every refined petroleum products quality, at all stages to meet the strict requirements of international standard and GOST specification.

The company’s laboratory has the necessary cutting-edge modern equipments, technologies and we only employ the best-in-class scientists and chemists to organize the quality control of it’s petroleum products at all required stages. Sakha has zero tolerance in quality control, we only accept first grade and do not approve of a second grade products.

Our laboratory complies to international industry testing standards, which includes ISO, ASTM, IP, GOST, MPM, UOP and others. RosOil Refinery’s laboratory are skilled in hydrocarbon related quality control, troubleshooting, research and development support.

Quality control by the laboratory is based on the following directions:

  • ISO — compliance with international standards;
  • ASTM — American Society for Testing and Materials;
  • IP — test methods;
  • GOST — state standards;
  • MPMS — petroleum Measurement Standards;
  • UOP — test methods.

Laboratory and Analysis Center

send your product specification sheet for considerations and approval by our laboratory specialists, as well as advise on product safety information

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