In accordance with PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz’s strategy approved by the management, the key objectives of the company’s exploration and drilling program are defined by ensuring replenishment of liquid hydrocarbon reserves and achieving exploration success by 95% within the next 5 years, development of advanced technologies and innovative solutions will assist the company achieve it’s goals.

We are implementing a set of advanced research and experimental works, as well as evaluations to create its own geophysical services.

45 mtoe

geological reserves

14 mtoe

recoverable reserves

13 fields

successful exploration

17 wells

exploration wells

Licensed Geological Exploration

Modeling methods for field seismic surveys have been introduced, allowing the company to procure optimal surveillance system for projects in the Western region of Siberia and Sakhalin.

The company use a industry unique seismic data analogues recording system, the use of a 3D winter tests of this system helps us to maximize fields projects, The results exceeded our expectations – geological information contents, productivity was increased significantly and the possibility of working in remote areas was demonstrated.

PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz is developing methods for increasing the efficiency success for exploratory drilling, using advanced technologies for processing and interpretation of seismic datas. In particular, innovative approaches have been used to take into account of the upper part of the section to minimize the forecast error of structures.

At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is carried out in order to select the optimal parameters for seismic surveying. Now the geologist spends lesser time observing, analyzing of geological information and evaluating matured fields for data processing with the help of artificial intelligence.

We achieved high success rate on the 17 licensed exploration wells was completed onshore and over 2,778 square kilometers of 3D seismic survey were completed.

kilometers access to explore

sq km of 3D seismic survey completed

total reserves of 34 million tons of oil equivalent discovered

PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz are consistently implementing the development strategy of our projects onshore in Russia regions, including the annual increase in the growth rate of recoverable reserves. As significant results are achieved, geologists are still exploring significantly more oil reserves than they are extracting from each projects. So, according to the results of the activities of the company in the past few years, the increase in reserves exceeds over 500 thousand tons.

The main achievement of the exploration program is the discovery of three new fields in the regions of operations, which is according to the results of drilling the first exploratory wells. The company carried out a geological exploration on gas assets of the company in the following volumes: 3D seismic exploration – 17 sq. Km

The increase of PJSC Sakhavostokneftegaz’s gas reserves in Western Siberia amounted to 1.7 billion m3 additional.